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Gina Lehman

  • "I have been going to Gina Lehman with Bettendorf Chiropractic Wellness Center for the last 4 months, and she has been wonderful! I started out going in with some pretty nasty lower back pain, but now I'm feeling way better than I have in a LONG time! I'm planning on trying acupuncture in a few weeks, and looking forward to seeing the differences that it will make. Thanks Gina!"
    Heather T.
  • "Dr. Gina is amazing. My 2 month old daughter had been constipated for 2 days so I took her in to get her adjusted and she went while we were driving home. The first time she got adjusted, she was projectile vomitting and she didn't vomit again after she was adjusted. She is also much more relaxed and sleeps better."
    Crystal W.
  • "Dr. Gina,

    Thank you for all you have done for my husband and I in the past year. I find you to be one of the most caring people I have ever met and I think me and all your patients are greatly blessed to have you in our lives. I love how you care so much about your patients health and will make it a point to let us know you care. I sincerely thank you for answering my late night calls for an adjustment and being such an amazing Doctor. Thank You."
    Melinda W.
  • "Last July 2010, I twisted my right ankle. I had bruising, swelling and pain on the outside of my ankle. I did the usual treatment, rest, ice, and elevate. Three months later, I was still suffering from pain and my ankle was still swollen. I had my physician x-ray my ankle. He found nothing and suggested that I continue to ice and elevate. Three more months pass, my ankle remained swollen and whenever I would go on a walk it would lock up and become stiff and painful. I contacted Dr. Lehman and she made a mild adjustment and treated the area with acupuncture. Immediately, I noticed a reduction in the swelling and stiffness. I made two follow-up visits and I'm proud to say my ankle has returned to normal...I am pain free.

    Thanks Dr. Lehman"
    Thea F.