Hello my name WAS always tired and I WAS addicted to energy drinks!

“Hello my name WAS always tired and I WAS addicted to energy drinks!” - Ashten Songer

Energy drinks were the solution to my tired mind and body. Everywhere I would look I would see advertisements for the promise of an energy and concentration boost. Energy drinks even claim to deliver a performance high which everyone is looking for nowadays with the increased pressure for us to be more productive in every area of our day to day lives. Some use energy drinks to enhance their physical performance and concentration and others like me, used it to stay awake and cram more hours into the day.

I used to drink at least 2 cups of coffee in the morning and 2 Rockstar energy drinks all before noon just to get me going in the morning. With 2 kids and a fulltime job, I found it difficult to have enough energy to make it through the day without some kind of caffeine fix. I always felt dehydrated and sluggish even after drinking all of this caffeine. After so long I noticed my caffeine intake was no longer doing anything for me and started to become more of an addiction than anything. I had trouble sleeping at night due to my body not wanting to shut down even though I felt exhausted. My morning routine started with a cup of coffee before I woke my children and a cup before I left to drop them off at school. After dropping my children off, I would stop by the gas station and grab 1-2 energy drinks, I would usually drink one while getting ready for work and another within one hour or two beginning my day at work. By midafternoon I was completely exhausted again and craving more caffeine.

A few of the girls in the office had been drinking Yoli-Passion and suggested I try it and telling me how bad energy drinks were for me, of course I ignored them and kept on with my regular caffeine routine that wasn’t doing anything for me besides draining my wallet. After almost 6 months I finally caved in and decided to try it. I noticed after the second day of drinking it that my entire body started to break out into hives. This being the only thing I’ve changed in my diet I figured it had to be the Yoli. Maybe I was allergic to it? Unsure, I continued to drink it for a few more days. Almost a week in, without any coffee or energy drinks, only drinking Yoli and still breaking out in hives, I noticed that I was no longer crashing and my sleep was better than it had been in years. Although I was drinking 3 servings of Yoli a day I felt great! After almost 8 days of hives, it finally stopped, my body completely detoxed itself from all of the caffeine and sugar. I had gone over a month without a single cup of coffee or an energy drink. My family unware of me making this change, bought me an energy drink for Christmas. I decided I would drink it as a treat to myself and within 20 minutes of drinking half the energy drink my entire body started breaking out in hives again. Almost 3 months of drinking Yoli-Passion I no longer crave the taste of sugary energy drinks, I no longer wake up exhausted due to tossing and turning all night. Since starting Yoli, I went from drinking 3 servings a day 7 days a week. To now only drinking 1 serving a day maybe 3-4 days a week.

Nearly all energy drinks contain very high concentrated amounts of caffeine, with this being the primary active ingredient. There are some popular energy drinks on the market that contain up to 20 times more caffeine than a standard cup of coffee.  That’s a lot! Can you imagine drinking 20 cups of coffee within 10 to 15 minutes?  Essentially, that is what you are doing when drinking some of the more potent energy drinks available on the market. Most of the sugars found in most traditional energy drinks can contribute to weight gain and risk of type II diabetes. The bottom line is that addiction to energy drinks can be dangerous to your health and it can be financially burdening.

If this is you and you are addicted to energy drinks stop in and ask us about Yoli-Passion or check out their website at . “Instead of reaching for a cup of coffee or a sugary energy drink when you need a pick-me-up, try Passion. This energy supplement features Thermo-G™, an exclusive ingredient that delivers energy, promotes endurance and stamina, improves mental alertness, and stimulates metabolic activity. Sweetened with stevia, Passion is a great way to ensure that you won’t find yourself lacking energy. Passion is available in Berry, Grape Açai, Strawberry Kiwi, and Tropical Melon flavors