Pregnancy & Children

Thinking of becoming pregnant?

Now is the best time for you to begin care.  By receiving care prior to conception your body is better able to prepare for the changes ahead.  Chiropractic care will help to promote more regular menstrual cycles and will help your uterus to function better. 

Couples who are having difficulty conceiving have found chiropractic care to be of benefit since it helps restore the nerve flow to the reproductive organs.  Dr. Gina and Dr. Keeli can also offer help for those couples trying to conceive using acupuncture.  Call today and set up a FREE consultation to learn more about your options.  563.359.5600

Already Pregnant?

CONGRATS! Chiropractic care during pregnancy can help you tremendously! As your belly grows so does the strain on the rest of your body.  Everything pregnant women experience - diet, exercise, stress - is also experienced by the developing baby.  Chiropractic care for moms-to-be can helps to alleviate many of the aches and pains that stress the mother's and therefore baby's body.  But more importantly, chiropractic care for expectant women help ensure the baby has space for proper development.

What are the benefits of chiropractic care throughout pregnancy?

  • Decreased pain and discomfort - A recent study has shown that chiropractic care during pregnancy reduced back pain by 84%.
  • Reduced labor and delivery times - A recent study suggests that chiropractic care can reduce labor times.  One study showed that labor time was reduced by 34% for a first time pregnancy and 39% for a second or third pregnancy. 
  • Experiencing a healthy pregnancy
  • Increased likelihood of a low risk pregnancy
  • Decreased likelihood of improper positioning of the baby (eg. breech babies)
  • Decreased likelihood for the need of interventions in labor and delivery (epidural, forceps, vacuum extraction, cesarean section) - A study showed the need for pain medications was reduced by 50%

How does chiropractic help women during pregnancy?  

The birth canal is made up of 2 pelvic bones that come together to form the pelvis.  As the baby grows, it puts increased stress on the joints of the pregnant female's pelvis.  This can lead to pelvic misalignments and imbalances in the ligaments that support the uterus.  It can also change the shape of the birth canal leading to a decrease in its overall size.  This condition is commonly referred to as intrauterine constraint.  This condition can lead to transverse, breech, posterior, and inverse positioning of the baby.  

It is essential to have to maximum space available to ensure optimal development of the baby.  By realigning the pelvis, the doctors are able to restore the normal size of the birth canal allowing the baby to have the proper space to develop.  Dr. Gina and Dr. Keeli have trained in the Webster Technique which she uses to restore pelvic alignment and balance.  This technique is commonly used to help breech babies get into the normal vertex position. In addition to training in the Webster technique Dr. Gina can also perform acupuncture to improve the position of the baby.

Throughout pregnancy, the expectant woman's body goes through many changes.  Hormonal changes cause the joints and soft tissues to relax to accommodate for the growing fetus.  However, this also leads to a propensity for joint misalignment and pain.  Weight gain causes increased demand and fatigue on spinal and pelvic muscles and ligaments.  It also causes the center of gravity to change, forcing the pregnant female to compensate with improper posture.

Children & Chiropractic Care


Why would my child need chiropractic care?

Many parents figure since their child isn't complaining of back or neck pain they don't need to seek chiropractic care.  The types of problems that cause pain in adults are generally not seen in children.  However, many times this is when they start.  This is why we encourage all parents to have their children and even infant checked for the need for chiropractic care. 

Although chiropractic care is commonly thought of as helping headaches and back pain, it is actually so much more.  Chiropractic helps remove the interference to the nerves that supply every muscle, tissue and organ in the body.  Chiropractic care for children has been shown to help:

  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • ADHD
  • Autism
  • Bed Wetting
  • Colds
  • Colic
  • Constipation
  • Digestive Problems
  • Ear Infections

Chiropractic can help so much because it does not treat anything.  Chiropractic care helps reduce the spinal nerve stress that weakens the tissues, muscles and organs and therefore makes the body less able to deal with the stress of fighting off disease.  

Is chiropractic care safe for my child?

Yes, chiropractic care is extremely safe for children.  The amount of force used is not much more than the weight of a fingertip.  Dr. Gina and Dr. Keeli understand that some parents may be apprehensive about taking their infant or child for chiropractic care.  She always demonstrates what the child will be feeling with the parent so they can feel comfortable about the whole process.  Parents are generally amazed at how little pressure is needed. 

Every parent wants their child to grow up as healthy as possible.  Chiropractic is exactly what your child needs for a natural healthy life with no side effects.  Now is the time to be proactive to ensure that your children will be healthy throughout their entire lives!

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